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Welcome to the CBD N Hemp Media Pack. As a leading source of information and reviews in the CBD and vape industry, we are excited to offer unique opportunities for brands to connect with our engaged and growing audience. Here, you’ll find all the essential details about our site, audience, and the advertising options available to help you achieve your marketing goals.

About CBD N Hemp

CBD N Hemp is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, and up-to-date content about CBD and vaping. Our expert team delivers product reviews, industry news, educational articles, and practical guides to help our readers make informed decisions. Our commitment to transparency and quality has made us a trusted source in the CBD and vape community.

Advertising Opportunities

We offer a variety of advertising options to help you reach our engaged audience effectively:

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Articles: Feature your brand in a dedicated blog post written by our expert team.

Reviews: Get an in-depth review of your product, highlighting its features and benefits.

Display Advertising

Banner Ads: Place your ads in high-visibility areas on our website.

Sidebar Ads: Engage readers with strategically placed sidebar advertisements.

Social Media Promotion

Posts: Share your brand’s message through our social media channels.

Stories: Leverage our Instagram and Facebook stories for timely promotions.

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Inclusion: Feature your brand in our bi-weekly newsletter sent to our subscribers.

Dedicated Email: Send a standalone email dedicated entirely to your brand or product.

Why Advertise with Us?

Targeted Audience

Reach a niche market of CBD and vape enthusiasts actively seeking information and products.


Partner with a trusted source known for its unbiased and high-quality content.


Benefit from our highly engaged audience and extensive reach across multiple platforms.


Tailor your advertising campaign to fit your specific goals and budget.

Rates and Packages

We offer competitive rates and flexible packages to suit different marketing needs. For detailed information on pricing, please contact our advertising team.

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