What is Hemp Clothing and Where Can You Buy It

With the popularization and legalization of marijuana in the wider culture, the hemp plant is being used for many purposes.

One practical use of hemp that has been around for many years is the creation of fabrics. Hemp clothing is a business with many consumers.

The legalization of marijuana has boosted the popularity of the clothing and it is now available from many accessible retailers.

If you are interested in investing in clothing made from the hemp plant, you will be able to search for styles you like and purchase them online.

How is Hemp Clothing Made?

Before you jump in and invest in a collection of hemp clothing, you probably want to understand more about where the clothing comes from and how exactly it is made.

The process of making hemp clothing can be broken down into a few important steps. The first step, of course, is growing the hemp plants.

You should be aware that there are male and female hemp plants. This is significant when it comes to hemp clothing because it is widely known that fibers from male plants are finer, while those from female plants are more durable.

This plays a role in which fibers are used for different clothing products.

The process of creating hemp clothing is as follows:

Step 1: Harvesting and Separating Fibers

  • This is the step where the fibers from the hemp plants are harvested.
  • Male and female fibers will be separated.
  • When cultivation is solely for fiber, both male and female plants are cut down when the male plants begin to expel pollen.
  • When cultivation is for both fiber and seeds, the male plant is allowed to pollinate the female plant before the hemp is cut.

Step 2: Retting

  • Retting is the process where the pectin that binds the fibers together decomposes when exposed to air and light, and the fibers are exposed.
  • After the hemp plants have been cut, the stems will be laid out for weeks to allow for retting.
  • Retting can also be done in water tanks, which is faster, in frost or snow, for whiter and finer fibers, or by chemical and enzymatic means.

Step 3: Decorticating

  • The next step in the process is decorticating, which is when the central woody core is removed from the stem.
  • This process can be performed directly after retting, while the stems are still wet, or after the stems have been dried.
  • There are modern decorticators which combine the retting and decorticating processes and produce ready-to-bale fibers within minutes of cutting the hemp plants.

Step 4: Treating the Fibers

  • When the fibers have been separated and formed into bales, they are ready to be processed into yarn.
  • The fibers can be spun without further processing or undergo a chemical or mechanical process to increase softness or elasticity before spinning.

Step 5: Removing Lignin

  • Lignin is the hard, woody biopolymer which makes up about 8-10% of the dry weight of hemp fiber, giving it the scratchy feel.
  • Removing lignin results in smoother and softer fibers.
  • Lignin is removed through enzymatic and microbial means.

Step 6: Spinning Hemp into Yarn

  • Hemp is spun into yarn like other fibers. The fibers are twisted together into long threads, which are then often sealed with wax for increased durability and water resistance.
  • If other natural fibers are to be added to the blend, they are added at this point in the process.
  • Hemp is often spun by hand.

Once hemp has been spun into yarn, it is ready to be used in the creation of clothing just like any other natural fibers.

hemp clothingWhat are the Benefits and Advantages of Hemp Clothing?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to wearing hemp clothing, you should know that there are many benefits in store for you.

Some of the advantages that you will experience when wearing hemp clothes have to do with how you will feel in the fabric.

Some of the advantages of wearing hemp clothing include:

  • Fabric that retains its color very well.
  • Durable clothing that will remain in top shape even after repeated washings.
  • Never needs to be dry cleaned.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • The more you wear it and wash it, the softer hemp clothing will feel on your skin.
  • Very breathable fabric that protects against unwanted odors.
  • Protects your skin by naturally filtering UV rays.

These advantages are things that may prompt you to try hemp clothing since it could be a new comfortable addition to your wardrobe. The benefit does not stop there, however.

Aside from providing you with wearing advantages, choosing hemp clothing contributes to the overall well-being of the environment.

The benefits of choosing hemp clothing include:

  • Saving water, as it uses 1/20th the amount of water to grow and process and cotton.
  • Keeps people at work. Hemp is harvested and spun by hand, so it creates sustainable jobs.
  • Can be grown over a long period of time without negatively affecting the soil.

So, if you’re on the fence about trying hemp clothing, remember that both you and the environment have a lot to gain from the production and use of this fabric.

What are the Possible Issues with Wearing Hemp Clothing?

Everything has its pros and cons, and hemp clothing is no exception. Overall, the benefits of wearing hemp clothing far outweigh the issues.

The main potential issue that you should keep in mind when choosing to wear hemp clothing is the possibility of breaks in your clothing after heavy wear.

Hemp is a natural fabric used to make organic clothing, which means that the clothing is usually not treated with the same chemicals to stop wrinkles as used on cotton or synthetic clothing.

While this is healthier for you, it means that your hemp clothing may wrinkle and bunch up easier. This can lead to breaks or tears in the fabric over time.

Luckily, hemp is a strong material, so this is unlikely to happen in a short period of time. Investing in hemp clothing designed with a ‘relaxed fit’ will also help prolong your ability to wear your hemp clothing.

Where Can You Buy Hemp Clothing Online in the USA?

Now that you have learned more about hemp clothing, you must be wondering where you can purchase the items you want. There are many online sources where you can find high-quality hemp clothing.

Some of the most popular websites to purchase hemp clothing are:

  • Amazon.com
  • nomadshempwear.com
  • hempest.com
  • rawganique.com
  • hempys.com
  • jungmaven.com
  • wearethought.com
  • vitalhemp.com
  • royalapparel.net
  • dashhemp.com

You are sure to find clothing items that suit your needs and style preferences when you take the time to search these websites.

Final Word

Hemp clothing is something that has been around for quite some time but has seen a boost in business since the legalization of marijuana.

If you’re looking for a sustainable option for clothing that simultaneously provides comfort and style, hemp may be the fabric for you.

When you choose to wear hemp clothing, you are making a decision that will positively impact your health while also contributing to the improved care of the environment and adding value to society in the form of jobs.

Give hemp clothing a try to see if it suits your desires!