Where Is It Legal to Buy CBD Products in USA?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one of the 85 Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant.

You are probably already familiar with THC, one of the most well-known Cannabinoids, which results in the feeling of ‘high’ that comes with the use of cannabis.

CBD is not THC

The main reason that CBD has entered the mainstream conversation about Cannabis is that it was discovered that it has many beneficial medical properties.

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that you will not be able to reach a ‘high’ from the consumption, in any form, of CBD.

You will be left with a feeling of relaxation in your body, but it is one that is achieved without altering the state of the brain.

CBD is the second-strongest Cannabinoid in Cannabis, and many of the medical benefits of Cannabis which have thus far been attributed to THC or other Cannabinoids are the result of the CBD content in the specific plant used.

There are many different lines of products, which each have their own collection of variations.

How Does CBD Work in the Body?

The reason that CBD is an important Cannabinoid to be aware of is that of the potential it has to help our body. CBD has been found to work in a variety of ways, including :

Anti-Inflammatory: CBD has been found to have many anti-inflammatory properties and works in more than one way. CBD works to suppress inflammation and also play a preventative role by stopping the body from producing the chemical which causes inflammation.

Anticonvulsant: CBD was first discovered as a potentially medically helpful when it stopped an epileptic seizure. It has been shown to reduce the seizure threshold for many patients and reduce the overall number of seizures for some.

Supportive Role: CBD has been found to help in the treatment of various conditions including diabetes, cancer, lupus, nicotine addiction, motor disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

.. and many more.

What forms is CBD Sold in?

With the addition of CBD to the mainstream market, there is more than one way in which to get your dosage.

The medical properties are part of the reason that CBD has been made available in different forms.

The idea that this substance can help treat certain health issues means that it needs to be accessible to the largest possible population.

You will find CBD available in the following forms :


A tincture is a liquid form of concentrated CBD. Tinctures tend to have higher concentrations of CBD than many other forms, often containing anywhere from 100mg to 1,000mg.

You consume a CBD tincture by placing a couple of drops on your tongue and allowing them to absorb into your tongue and cheeks for as long as possible before swallowing.


concentrates usually contain the highest amount of CBD amongst all forms and can sometimes have up to ten times more CBD than other products.

Concentrates are taken by placing drops under the tongue and leaving them there a bit before swallowing. This form is very popular among busy people who need a high dose of CBD.


if you’re looking to add CBD to your daily regimen in an easy and soft way, then capsules may be your best bet.

They are effective and slide right into your routine without changing much. You will take them with water, according to your recommended serving.


This is a newer addition to the market and is targeted at helping with chronic pain, anti-ageing and many skin benefits.

CBD topicals are designed to be used like many other topical solutions when you deem necessary or have a specific skin condition.


This form of CBD is probably the weakest on the market, in terms of concentration. You simply spray the recommended amount into your mouth daily, or as needed.

Vape Juices: if you have an electronic cigarette, vape pen or vaporizer, you can use vape juices. They may have fewer effects than other methods but are possibly more reliable than ingesting CBD orally.


These edible CBD sources are ideal for use by anyone who has difficulty swallowing traditional pills, or by children with severe seizure disorders.

Baking Mixes

Another new addition to the market is baking mixes which contain CBD. This is not a form that will provide the highest concentration of CBD but provides a tasty way to consume the substance.

Where in the US is it permitted to Buy CBD?

For sake of simplicity, we will use CBD Hemp Oil to denote CBD derived from Hemp. That is the CBD oil which is available for buying.

CBD Hemp oil has a much much lower concentration of THC (0.3%), therefore making it more market-friendly and thus legal.

If you are looking to buy CBD oil which is derived from hemp, you will be able to do so in all US states as it is qualified as a dietary supplement.

CBD products which are made from hemp plants are legal in all states, and you can find them in a collection of American businesses. You can also order CBD online and have it shipped to you.

In 2014, the Agricultural Act of 2014. Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, differentiation was made between Industrial hemp and marijuana. This gave authority to State authorities to regulate the cultivation of hemp.

CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is sold as a dietary supplement and is legal across the United States.

Other hemp products such as oil, shampoo, soap are also perfectly legal and have been around for decades!

This means anyone can buy it and it is sold on all popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon.


The discovery of the great potential of CBD to help with a variety of medial issues has put Cannabinoid in the forefront of the new legal market in the United States.

If you are considering using CBD to help with a medical issue you have, or simply to integrate into your daily regimen, it’s important to take the time to learn about how it works.

Explore the different available forms of CBD and choose the one that will best suit your lifestyle.