What are CBD Crystals and How to Use Them

Hemp and marijuana both belong to the Cannabis family of plants.

The former does not create a ‘high’, because it contains too little of the chemical (THC) that is responsible for intoxication.

CBD is one of the major non-psychoactive chemical constituents of Cannabis plants.

Its robust anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties have gained massive popularity in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

What are CBD Crystals?

The first step in making CBD crystals is extracting the CBD from hemp using organic solvents or supercritical carbon dioxide. [1]

The extracted CBD undergoes a dewaxing process and is then purified using a process known as chromatography.

This process allows CBD crystals to achieve a 98 – 99% CBD purity. [2] The crystals are then usually packed into an air-tight container.

If you have come across CBD isolates, you may be wondering what the difference between them and CBD crystals are.

Isolates may contain trace amounts of cannabinoids other than CBD and some chemicals known as terpenes. These will all be removed in the production process of CBD crystals.

The crystals are currently the purest form of CBD available in the market. They contain no THC and they are tasteless as well as odorless.

The main purpose behind developing CBD crystals was to offer consumers a strict control over the amount of CBD they are consuming, and how they are consuming it.

This article will be exploring the different ways CBD crystals can be used and the precautions that must be taken before buying a crystal product.

How are CBD Crystals Different from CBD Oil?

First and foremost, the biggest difference between CBD crystals and CBD oil is chemical composition.

Nowadays, you will find that most CBD oils are full-spectrum rather than isolates.

This transition from isolates to full-spectrum came after a ground-breaking study conducted in Israel in 2015. [3]

Full-spectrum CBD oils retain small quantities of the healthy fats, vitamins, terpenes and THC found naturally in hemp plants.

The researchers found that the full-spectrum CBD oil produced stronger anti-inflammatory effects that isolate oil at equivalent doses.

They believe this is because the fats, vitamins, terpenes and other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum oils can all act together to enhance the medicinal properties of CBD, in a manner termed as the entourage effect.

Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD oils will have a lower CBD concentration than that found in CBD crystals because of the other chemicals present.

Whilst, there are many overlaps between the methods of consuming CBD oils and the crystals, there are some significant differences too.

For example, both are appropriate for topical applications, tinctures, oils and capsules. In terms of dabbing, full-spectrum CBD oils have almost no potential; whilst, dabbing is the most common method of using CBD crystals.

In addition, the crystal form is more preferred for adding to edibles than the full-spectrum oil.

Interestingly, some individuals choose to transform the crystals into a CBD oil rather than purchase oil directly.

They claim that in the long term, the crystal-turned-into-oil method is cheaper.

How to Use CBD Crystals?

One of the top advantages of using CBD crystals over other CBD products is that you can control the dose exactly to your requirements.

As CBD crystals have a purity of 98 – 99%, if you wish to consume 10 mg of CBD, just weigh out 10 mg of the crystals.

You do not have to go through the hassle of finding a product with the exact dose you require.

In a way, CBD crystals give you the opportunity to customize a CBD product just the way you like it. The crystals can be transformed into a multitude of product types.

It is almost like a DIY activity where you can choose what kind of product you want, and you can tailor-make it to your dose requirements.

The most popular method of consuming CBD crystals is through dabbing.

The CBD crystals are placed on a very hot surface so that they will melt, and the smoke/vapour produced from the melting process can be inhaled by the user.

You will require some special dabbing equipment which can easily be purchased online. This method can allow CBD to produce relatively fast responses.

To make CBD edibles out of the crystals, dissolve them in butter or cooking oil and then use the mixture to cook any dish as you would do normally.

The crystals can be transformed into a CBD tincture by dissolving them in a carrier oil – usually MCT oil or olive oil.

Tinctures are placed under the tongue using a dropper and from there the CBD can rapidly be absorbed into the bloodstream. [4]

Tinctures have shown to effectively reduce the intensity of pain in patients experiencing extremely severe pain. [5]

You can make your own CBD oil using CBD crystals. First, heat the carrier – usually hemp oil or olive oil and then, dissolve the crystals in that.

To make CBD crystals a part of your daily cosmetic routine, just dissolve them in your preferred skincare oil e.g. coconut oil, almond oil or argan oil.

The crystals can also be added to shea butter or any other moisturizer.

A mice study found the transdermal application of CBD crystals to reduce inflammation in the joints. [6] The concentration of CBD increased significantly in the skin and underlying muscle.

Things to Consider When Buying CBD Crystals

The first thing you should look for is a Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) stamp. All CBD crystal is supposed to be produced according to the rules of the GMP.

The GMP not only oversees all the stages of production but, it all regulates personnel qualifications and cleanliness at the workplace. [7]

A GMP stamp on the crystals certifies for safety, purity, and effectiveness.

According to the rules of the GMP, any impurities in the crystals should be mentioned on the product label. [8]

Furthermore, always check the concentrations of CBD and THC on the label. CBD crystals should always have 0% THC and 98 – 99% CBD concentrations are widely available.

It is recommended that you only purchase CBD crystals from reputable, positively reviewed companies.

If you can find evidence for third-party laboratory tests on the manufacturer’s website that is usually a good sign.

It is essential that you have full knowledge about the legality of CBD crystals in your country before conducting any purchases.

Hemp-derived CBD crystals are legal in most countries around the world.

Whilst, CBD has not been proven unsafe in pregnancy, it has not been proven safe either. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you must consult a doctor before using CBD crystals.

Look for evidence on the product label suggesting that there is no contamination by pesticides or heavy metals.

You may wish to purchase only organic CBD crystals as, these should come from hemp plants grown without pesticides.

Several research studies have found CBD supplements to disrupt the metabolism and effectiveness of medicines broken down by the liver. [9]

You must consult a doctor for dosage before using CBD crystals with your regular medicine.

We advise you to start with low doses (5 – 10 mg/kg) and then slowly increase it if you are experiencing positive results. [10] Consult a doctor for more personalized advice on dosage.


CBD crystals are currently the purest CBD products in the market. They will generally have a CBD concentration of 98 – 99%. CBD crystals should contain no THC at all.

If you were to do an online search for CBD products, the most dominating product type would be CBD oils, and this is mainly due to the requirement for full-spectrum CBD.

However, CBD crystals have some important advantages over the oil product. Firstly, you can achieve much higher concentrations of CBD.

Secondly, you can control the dosage of CBD more accurately. Finally, there is greater scope for the types of products crystals can be converted into.

CBD crystals portray highly promising anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects in a range of illnesses.

The most important thing to take away from this article is that CBD crystals offer the opportunity to customize your own product types.

You can decide what kind of product you want to use and can set the dosage according to your own requirements with little inconvenience or hassle.